Rambler Sports Locker

Rambler Sports Locker (RSL) is Loyola University Chicago's first and only student run sports broadcast. Every week, the RSL members report on both Loyola and Chicago sports to inform the viewers on breaking news and game recaps . I had the opportunity to anchor the show on multiple occasions although I usually participate as the director or producer of the show. Through RSL, I have learned how to operate studio cameras, how to edit audio, and how to use the teleprompter. The video above is a behind the scenes look at RSL's annual trip to the Arch Madness basketball tournament which was filmed and edited by myself. 

The Loyola University Chicago athletics program is associated with the Missouri Valley Conference (MVC) where the Loyola Men's Basketball Team competes in Arch Madness, MVC's annual basketball tournament, in St. Louis, Missouri. Myself, along with five other RSL members, traveled to St. Louis in 2016 to cover the games through RSL as well as Loyola's award-winning student newspaper, The Loyola Phoenix. Below is a link to all of the videos produced during the tournament.

In 2017, I was chosen again to travel to St. Louis to participate in the production of the same basketball tournament. Below is the YouTube Playlist of the content we created for Arch Madness 2017.

Here are two blog posts; the first written by one of the editors of The Phoenix, Madeline Kenney and the second written by Jessica Brown, one of the RSL staff supervisors. These areticles are published on the School of Communication website about our experience. 

Side Projects

Behind the Scenes: The Loyola Phoenix

I worked with a team of fellow students to create the Loyola University Crowd, a blog to highlight different members of the Loyola community for one semester.  In this video above, some members went to the office of The Loyola Phoenix, the student newspaper, and talked to the students involved. 

Sister Jean

For this video featured on the same blog, I interviewed Sister Jean, a very important member of the Loyola community. She invited myself and one other blog member to her apartment located in one of the residence halls on campus and told us her story. 

C-K Create Summer Internship Video Application

This video was for an internship application for a marketing and communications agency located in Chicago. The application called for a two-minute video to answer some questions. Although I did not get the internship, I worked very hard in making the video and I'm proud of the final product.


Seattle & Vancouver

I traveled with my family during the winter of 2015/2016 to the Pacific Northwest. I filmed and edited this short video  of our trip. I used Adobe After Effects as well as Adobe Premiere Pro.

1 Second Everyday - 2016

In 2016, I downloaded an app called 1 Second Everyday. I used the app to record one second of everyday for the entire year. When she exported the final product, the audio was not in sync with the clips. I opened the video in Adobe Premiere Pro and, fortunately, I was able to fix it. 

Montreal & Quebec City

This video is another travel video of when my family and I went to Canada.