My name is Beatriz Cabañas and I am an aspiring production and social media content creator. Originally from San Diego, I attended Loyola University Chicago to experience the city life and for the opportunities that Loyola provides.

I shine in experience, having various internship opportunities throughout my college career. My most recent internship was with NBC 7 San Diego where I was the Digital Content and Production Intern. My work included writing articles for the NBC website daily, covering important San Diego events (San Diego Comic-Con, MLB All-Star Game), assisting in the production of the newscast, and updating social media regularly. 

During my time at Loyola, I actively participated in the Rambler Sports Locker, Loyola's first and only student produced sports broadcast. I am one of the only graphic designers for the sportscast and I have had the opportunity to direct, produce and edit the show using Adobe Premiere Pro.

I am a fluent Spanish speaker which has let me rise above my peers when it comes to communicating with non-English speakers and translating anything into English.

Thank you for visiting my webiste!